Following the Civil War Battles in Old Newspaper Articles

by admin on January 16, 2009

Starting in 1861 with the taking of Fort Sumter by the south, there was a scramble on both sides to form armies. As the civil war evolved over the four year period it was concentrated in various sections of the country and to follow it properly you will need to become familiar with the names of the Civil War Battles.

The western part of the State of Virginia, that part which is now the State of West Virginia, saw some of the earliest action of the civil war battles when Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan who was in command of the troops in Ohio moved across the river and engaged the Confederate troops under Col. George A. Porterfield in what was called the Battle of Philippi and also called the Philippi Races.

It will be important to follow the history of the civil war by making a list of the campaigns and the various battle names as they occurred. The newspapers of the day had plenty of field correspondents and there were also field photographers that traveled with the armies with a wagon load of wet plate photography equipment and huge cameras. Many of the photographs that are available through the Library of Congress were actually staged on the field of battle after the hostilities ceased and it became possible for the artist to set up his equipment and record recreated images.

To follow the progression of battles you will want to read original newspapers to help you create a mind picture of what you have been reading in the history books all these years. To read the day to day battlefield and troop movement news helps to build a picture that you will never forget.

As we bring you more articles on this subject from time to time we will report on other civil war battles and events of the day from the first Battle of Bull Run to the signing of the peace at Appomattox Court House you can find no better resources than to read it as old news.

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