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by admin on January 6, 2010

Of all the famous women, newspaper reports of the disappearance and possible survival of Amelia Earhart are still surfacing today, over 50 years after she was last seen alive.

The original reports from July 2, 1937 claim Amelia and her navigator disappeared without a trace. As recently as 1970, there are those claiming that she is still alive. The story of Lieutenant Colonel Joe Klaas and Major Joseph Gervais was printed in the Daily Mail on November 11, 1970, from the state of Maryland.

The story goes on to state that Amelia and her navigator Fred Nooman were intercepted near the island of Hull in the south pacific, by aircraft from the Japanese Imperial Navy. The planes were from the carrier Akagi.

The two officers claim the carrier was waiting there for her for over 2 months and this was a planned operation. The Japanese, upon capturing Amelia, took her to Saipan then to Tokyo.

While there in Tokyo she was held at the Imperial palace until 1945. The reason the American public never knew about it was that she supposedly knew secrets that would embarrass the U.S. Government.

The Japanese and allied forces came to an agreement as part of the unconditional surrender that Amelia’s whereabouts would remain a secret and the Emperor would not be charged with war crimes. Klaas also claims to have met a woman that looks like what Amelia would, like if she was 72 years old.

There is more to this story and much more about famous women, newspaper articles hold not only our history but some great story telling also.

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