On Finding Immigration Articles in Old Newspapers

by admin on January 16, 2009

Our news in these times is filled with mention of immigrant problems that blend in with National Security problems. The story itself is nothing new and you might want find old immigration articles to compare with.

This country is a nation of immigrants, other than the Native Americans and DNA evidence now shows that they too were immigrants at one period or another in ancient history. Every generation has been faced with concerns over immigrant problems and there is no place better to see that than in the Newspaper Archive database of scanned newspaper images.

After this country was founded there have been periods of time that various ethnic groups and hoards of many different nationalities came flowing into the United States. If you think there is animosity towards Spanish speaking people coming in today, just compare it to the 1840’s and 1850’s when the Irish immigrants were coming in by the millions, mostly due to the Potato Famine in their native lands. They were not treated very well by the present residents when they arrived.

Also in the 1840’s many other groups came from England, Scotland and Wales and they were soon assimilated into the communities as farmers and business men. The period from the 1850’s to the 1880’s many millions of German speaking people came in from various Germanic states and principalities. There was also a huge influx of Italian immigrants around this time.

Around the turn of the century the Eastern European countries sent huge numbers of refugees from war torn and economically deprived land to come to the land of milk and honey. Many of these various groups of immigrants came legally through either Castle Garden at the tip of Manhattan or in the 20th century came through Ellis Island were they were documented and checked for health problems and were accepted with wide open arms.

Compare those waves of new Americans to the current immigration articles in the news and you will gain a better knowledge of the world situation.

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