How to Find Old Job Ads

by admin on October 15, 2010

Knowing how to find old Job Ads is an increasing item people are in search of with the internet. Many things can be learned by those in search of them. This includes the state of the economy, what types of business were in demand and how the job market in general was doing.


Old Job Ads from 1930

Currently more and more job seekers are looking towards the internet for employment. What most job seekers are not aware of is that this is the same source that old job ads can be found.

The jobs that were posted by business in the past used two major sources to fill their vacancies. There were window ads and newspaper ads. The window ads were just a description of the vacancy on a piece of cardboard that have long be disposed of.

The ads that were placed in the newspapers are still available as historical documents. They can be found at the place they were printed like the newspapers historical archives departments. Many of the public libraries also saved certain publications that reach back over 100 years. In most cases because of the area needed to store the original papers became so great, the documents were first transfers to microfiche.

Microfiche copies take up less storage space, but a person would still need to travel to the site of their location to review their contents. With the expansion of the internet, most places have decided to transfer the documents in their possession this new media format.

The publication of these documents on the web has allowed more people to research their content with greater ease. If you know of what publication that has the ad you need, more than likely you can find it at their webpage. For more variety the public library sites can be used but this still has a limited selection.

For the greatest selection that can be found is at old newspaper membership sites. There are a few that have downloaded over 1 billion pages of historical documents that can be viewed in the privacy of your own home. This is how to find old Job Ads in the greatest number can be found in one place. What is really nice is that this kind of access can be had for just pennies a day.

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