How to Find Old Newspaper Articles Online

by admin on April 23, 2009

To find old newspaper articles online is at times a struggle. The web is full of information and almost all current events are easy to find because they have been originally recorded on the web.  Almost every newspaper today has a web edition free of charge.  The current edition newspapers generally only have their issues up for a limited time.  But if you are looking into the past by more than a few years for old newspaper articles, you will need a subscription.

My suggestion is for you to try the free trial subscription to Newspaper Archive.  This site is the largest of its kind on the web. With newspapers from 1759 to the present day, and over 1.12 billion articles, 820 cities are covered and 3,385 titles; all in pdf formatting, there is no single site with more information.  The annual subscription price is so low that it is very affordable even at the student level.

The search engine is amazingly helpful. Like most there are areas to put in phrases and qualifying words. In addition the search can be narrowed down by exact date or between two separate dates.  Also the country or state for wish you want the search to take place is available.

Search results can be sorted by relevance to the subject or by date either ascending or descending order. There is also a handy section the records your last five papers for quick referral back in case you forgot a quote or wish to reread an article.   There is also a section for writers like myself along with a special area for students and teachers. And for those that are interested in Genealogy there are over 3.36 billion names from with to get history and information from.

I have found this site to be my most valuable resource when doing online research into the past.  Especially to find old newspaper articles online.  Sign up for a subscription to Newspaper Archive and get the full use of all of the fabulous features of these old papers.

Find Old Newspapers In The
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Jessica 06.13.09 at 1:54 pm

You shoud have this to where you can read your family members obituaries FOR FREE i want to ready my grandmothers obituarie and all you want to do is charge this is REDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!

admin 06.30.09 at 2:34 pm

Hi Jessica, This website is designed as an advertising site for old newspapers. I understand about your wanting to read your grandmother’s obituary online for FREE and you can, if it is in the published newspapers that are available. Please just click on the Seven Day Free Trial and subscribe. They will require your card number but they will not use it if you cancel after finding your grandmother’s obituary which you should be able to do within the seven day period. The newspaper archive is an extremely solid company and very honorable, never anything scammy or spammy coming from them. They have invested many millions of dollars to scan all of those many millions of newspapers and their subscription price is an extreme bargain. Thanks so much for your comment and I hope you locate the obit you want. Admin

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