Nazi Germany Newspaper Headlines

by admin on August 30, 2009

There were many Nazi Germany newspaper headlines during the war. Some of them caught little attention like the Daily Register’s headline on May 17, 1945 which read ”Believe High Nazis Trying to Get to Japan.”

This was the story reported when a U-boat was captured in the Atlantic. On board were three Nazi Air Force Generals. Also on board were the bodies of two Japanese sailors that had committed hara kari before the u-boat surrendered.

Nazi Germany Newspaper Headlines - flickr

Nazi Germany Newspaper Headlines - flickr

The Nevada State Journal had a powerful Nazi headline on September 6, 1944. They ran a story titled “Air Fleets Huge Armies Await Orders, Final Ultimatum: Surrender or Else!” the story goes that there were Allied armies on both the western and eastern frontiers of Germany and 3000 heavy bombers posed to hit the Reich with the greatest air blow in history unless Adolf Hitler capitulated and surrendered.

There were rumors that the ultimatum to be delivered was for the unconditional surrender of the Nazi’s or they would face a “holocaust of destruction such as the Nazi’s never dreamed could be visited on their soil.” The article went on to say “If an ultimatum were handed Germany and rejected, the allies probably would smite the Reich with climactic offensive of whirlwind intensity.”

Such was the mood of the world when the end of world war two was within site. This was after a dozen years of terror and atrocities by Nazi Germany on the world. The world was ready and capable of revenge on what was known as the worst regime ever known to man. There are more Nazi Germany Newspaper headlines for you to read.

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