News Paper Articles About Hitler

by admin on July 16, 2010

There are numerous news paper articles about Hitler going back in time, most of them starting from 1930s, and onwards. In these reports were the signs of what was to unfold on history’s doorstep. An ominous sign was reported by the Appleton Post-Crescent on April 17, 1931.

Hidden behind the headlines, on page 29, was an article out of Munich, Germany titled “Hitler’s Protographs in Demand in Germany”. Yes, the misspelling of photograph was printed.

As a recap in history, Hitler was a corporal during WWI in the German army. In 1923, Hitler was the leader of the Nazi Party that attempted to take over the German government with their notorious “beer hall putsch” coup.  He was sent to Landsberg prison for a 5 year sentence. He only spent 9 months before being released.

While in prison, he turned 35 and had a lavish party that included over 30 people coming to the prison to help him celebrate. His right-wing politics and German nationalism had won him many friends in high places. One of these people was WWI hero, General Erich Ludendorff.

In 1924, the prison warden wrote a memo about Hitler. In it, he described Hitler as always being sensible, modest, humble, and polite to everyone.

Fast-forward to 1931, and his photograph was in demand. Hitler had become the face Germany wishes to see. Only pictures and etchings of William II and President von Hindenburg were more numerous of any living German.

Ironically, the headline of this same day was “Kidnapped Brewer Found In Illinois”. This was the abduction of the president of Blumer Products Company. Also on this day, France was the first country to recognize the new Spanish Republic while offering the Spanish royal family police protection.

This was just one of the many news paper articles about Hitler that was available to warn the world of what was about to unfold. Unfortunately, the story was buried until too late.

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