Read Newspaper Articles on World War 2

by admin on April 21, 2009

From the history books to newspaper articles, World War 2 comes to life. But if a person in an American public school wants to know about WW2 or any other war they must read it on their own in old newspaper articles.  Every history teacher I had always skipped over the wars. They did cover a little on the first one, the revolution, but the same speech was heard year after year “there are more important events in history”.

There was enough to study at the time so I never had a real chance to learn a lot about the war effort or the heroes in them. Most of Americans greatest sacrifices came during the war years but the teachers seem not to care. It is a sad fact but true. Maybe if they took the time themselves and learn a little they would have been better informed.  Of course I had a few that were old enough to live through WWII and they put it bluntly that they just wanted to forget those hard times.  What is a child to say to that?

Looking back at old newspaper articles, World War 2 is well documented. On Friday October 15, 1943, the Modesto Bee had an editorial written about the travels of President Roosevelt’s wife, Eleanor. It was written that some American was upset Eleanor was flying around the south Pacific. But this woman gave her husband the truth and facts about the situation and the feelings of the men and women fighting in the front. Past and future policy was set on facts she gave him.

I never knew she put her life in danger to help the country.  We were told of some of her great deeds but this is above and beyond duty. It’s Americans like her that makes me proud to be an American. Maybe if the teachers would have taught more about the wars then the shame of what happened to the Vietnam veterans may have never happened.

Read old newspaper articles, World War 2 can never be repeated.

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Afiffuddin 11.22.10 at 9:27 am

erm..great explaination about world war 2 newspaper articles.

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