Newspaper Headlines for Historical Events

by admin on June 12, 2010

With newspaper headlines for historical events, the past can be relived. In some cases, the events that are reported are celebrated for years to come. This includes Independence Day, and when the first man walked on the moon.

Other stories that have made headlines in the past are sometimes forgotten about until there is a link to the present times. Such an example is with Jack Harrison’s death on June 10, 2010. Jack was the 98th man in the list of 200 escapees from the famous Great Escape from the Stalag Luft III.

Only 76 prisoners actually were able to escape from the prison camp before the guards became aware of the event and put a stop to it. This occurred on March 24, 1944. In 1963, the film “The Great Escape” was produced to honor and celebrate this event.

Further back in time on June 10, 1752, it was announced that Benjamin Franklin flew a kite in a lightning storm. During this flight, the kite was struck by a bolt of electricity and the charge was collected in a Leyden jar. The significance of this event was not truly recognized, but it was recorded a few days later in the local newspaper.

A more recent event that made headlines around the world happened on June 11, 1979. This is the date on which John Wayne passed away. He was born Marion Morrison on May 26, 1907. His first roles were under the stage name of Duke Morrison. In the 1930s when he was just a rising star, that was when his stage name was changed to John Wayne. But to many, he was always “the Duke.”

These are just a few glimpses of newspaper headlines for historical events that can be found.

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