Obituary Archives: A Subscription Database

by admin on May 15, 2010

When looking for someone who is deceased, an obituary archives subscription can make your search considerably easier. Most of the databases for looking up a person’s ancestral past are set up to make it easier for those looking for information. This is so much easier than having to know the date and area of which a person passed away so the appropriate paper could be looked through to see the obituary.

Most of these databases have multiple ways a person can conduct their research. There is the keyword system. This is where you can enter a college where a person went to school. Many of the data bases have connections with the different universities that keep track of the death of their alumni.

If you are maintaining a list for an organization, many data bases send out email notifications when a new person in a preset query has been identified. This will help you and your organization stay up to date and informed on the passing of any current or past member. This is also extremely handy when the need to contact any family member for condolences or any other matter needs to be done.

There is also the Death Master List that is compiled by the Social Security Office. This is a governmental non-verified source for the record of death of any person.  The non-verification of their list is a notice that the US Government has posted on their site to protect themselves from lawsuits because this database is incomplete. This is one of the main reasons most people find other sources where the deceased are listed to be more reliable. The weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports of their listing are available for a price.

The easiest and cheapest way to stay updated with this list and many others that are complied is through an obituary archives subscription whose job it is to provide reliable and dependable databases for their subscribers.

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