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by admin on July 9, 2010

With old newspaper articals, the past does more than come alive. It brings back a spring in the step of those that were there. This is when the story that is being read leads the reader to be reminded of other related events that occurred at the same time in our elders’ lives. For many grandfathers, this is the time when they would break out a story about their youth, and how life was 60 to 80 years ago.

Before long, the stories from the greatest generation that ever lived will only be found in old newspapers. This is because time catches up with all of us and we must pass the torch on to the next generation.

Times have a way of changing how things are done. What is considered an old news paper article now was fresh news at one time. At the turn of the last century, the news in the paper was current. The farmers that lived in rural America would get a copy on their weekly trip into town. That night, the father and mother would gather the children around the fireplace or kerosene lantern and read the current events of the world to their children.

Today, all a person has to do to find current events is to turn on their computer and any events from all corners of the globe are accessible to them. With such access, the modern reporter no longer has any trouble filling up their columns with news events. This is dramatically different than the dilemma reporters faced a century ago.

Front page stories back then would include who was invited to the local socialite’s house for dinner, and wedding announcements. Included in the stories would be the complete lists of those that attended these events.

You can really see how times and our lives have changed when you read old newspaper articals from our past.  If you are a historian or family history researcher the single most valuable tool you can have in your arsenal is a subscription to the world’s largest newspaper article database.

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Marguerite Waters 07.01.11 at 3:33 pm

we visited Peggy’s Cove last summer and went on a hike to Pollets Cove or Polly’s cove….in the middle of barrens we found a very interesting cement foundation. We asked several people in the area and got various answers about what and who built this foundation… Do you have information on this ,,,An army lookout? a spa? or an elaborate home? ( also looked like a pictograph on the rock there) just wondering if there was information about this in the archives. thanks MW

admin 07.17.11 at 7:25 am

Hi Marguerite, The best way to search for such an item as this is for you to log in and take advantage of the free trial period. You will find the site very easy to navigate and you just might find an old newspaper article that will give you the answer you need. Thanks for asking. Admin

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