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by admin on May 28, 2009

Elvis Presley newspaper headlines were many over the years of the famous actor, musician’s life and followed for many years after his death. Here on Old Newspaper Articles we show you how to locate articles such as from the Abilene Reporter News on March 1, 1960, it only involved good news. The headlines read “Due back next month, Returning Elvis Presley has serious acting goal”.  Sergeant Elvis Presley was described in the article as a thing as peculiar to the 20th century as the atomic bomb, Walter Reuther and frozen chicken legs. This was the point of Elvis’s return to civilian life and from a $25 a week truck driver to a $25,000 a week National Institution.

Elvis at movie The Doors - flickr

Elvis at movie The Doors - flickr

On the same page was another article about Elvis. This was after two years of army duty and no concerts. The headlines were “Elvis Leaving Waco Friends”. In this article it describes how he was flying back to Texas from Germany to complete his discharge for the Army. It went on to say he was leaving behind a 16 year old school girl American high school girl that he had been quietly dating for months. The pretty brunette was Priscilla Beaulieu. She was quoted as saying “I am very fond of Elvis but you shouldn’t think there is anything serious”. She was unsure if she would see Elvis upon his return to the states but said “I certainly would like to”. Priscilla’s father was a captain in the US Air force stationed at Wiesbaden Air Base in Germany.

Of course there are also headlines like the one printed on August 17, 1977 from the Del Rio News-Herald, “King of Rock ’n Roll Elvis Presley Dead”.  When looking for old newspaper articles you will discover that there are many more Elvis Presley newspaper headlines on Newspaper Archive.  Sign up on the right for a subscription to Newspaper Archive and get the full use of all of the fabulous features of these old papers.

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maeve doyle 01.15.10 at 7:49 pm

thanx very much, i found it on the internet and i think it can be interesting 2 publish. i like very much to collect images about ads from magazines, newspapers, poster and politic propaganda, advertising campaigns, illustrations and rare things from now and from the past. you have a very very interesting site about this stuff, im going to take a serious look at. how do u found my blog? all the best, maeve.

melissa 04.01.11 at 8:09 am

I have 4 original posters of when elvis died printed on aug. 17, 1977 how much do you think these are worth??

melissa 04.01.11 at 8:10 am

I meant I have 4 original newspapers of when elvis died sorry. not posters. just newspaper.

Betty Miller 05.06.11 at 4:40 pm

I have some old newpapers in good condition – all of south bend In Tribune articles in full newpaper of the Kennedy tragedy and inagaration of President Johnson 5 papers in total Also a full 30 page paper dated at the time of death of Elvis Presley Do you who we could contact to sell such papers Thank you

admin 07.17.11 at 7:27 am

Chances are someone in your locality would be interested. I might sugges putting some free ads on Craigslist to find a buyer. Admin

admin 07.17.11 at 7:30 am

Hi Melissa, We would have no way of knowing price values of old newspapers, but perhaps you can get an idea from eBay or Craigslist. Thanks for asking. admin

Vince 11.05.11 at 1:20 am

I have old newspaper of death Elvis Preslsy Melbourne wednesday august 17, 1977 the herald

mark 11.10.11 at 4:04 pm

they pricr at 24.95 sorry lady not much….

bela 04.08.12 at 7:11 pm

i have 2 papers frommemphis.tenn. wednesday morning august 17 1977 the commercial appeal ad the memphis press-scimitar. the same day about elvis death, how can i find out if they are wroth anything ,,,,,

sharon 09.11.13 at 9:57 am

I have a whole “scrapbook” of elvis things and they are all in amazing shape, I was not around when elvis was a top hit since im only 22 years old I was wondering if I could find a value on any of it or is it just some ones prize of there own???

Kory 10.08.13 at 12:30 pm

I have an original newspaper from The Commercial Appeal in Memphis dated Aug. 17, 1977…….still in good condition what would it be worth?

admin 12.30.13 at 1:03 pm

The best way to find out is to check ebay or craigslist.

admin 12.30.13 at 1:04 pm

Sharon, I would check ebay or craigslist for some ideas on this.

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