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by admin on May 25, 2010

Old Newspaper Articles

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By reading Old Newspaper Articles, there is more than just learning about the past. It is reliving history as it happened.

The internet is the medium in which you can access this rich wealth of information, but the stories you will find are so much different than what the younger generations are getting used to. Today, the headlines dominate the news stories that are read. Good humor and filler stories are a thing of the past.

With a news paper, the entire paper had to be filled in each and every day. Much of the space was dedicated to advertising, but a majority of it was written by journalist that had a quota each day. They used news releases and other sources to fill in what their editors expected each day. This lead to investigative reporting that dealt with little known events that are presently being bypassed by the internet reporting media.

By opening a paper, you can look at a wide variety of articles on topics that might appeal to you. Each paper is broken up in sections that cover a particular niche. Depending on your interest, you know which section will cover what you want to read.

With the current way the internet is reporting the news, the reader has to know what they want to read in order to find it. The vastness of the web is more like information overload. There is not just one editor directing the path on which its readers can follow.

There is more information on the internet news reporting sites, but the personal touch is gone.  Many turn to Old Newspaper Articles to help then return to a sense of normalcy again and to relive the past.

You can always go to a nice acedemic library and view old newspaper articles on microfilm, or you can have your very own annual subscription to view them as much as you like in the comfort of your home.  Click on the SUBSCRIBE HERE button above to start your Free trial.

Newspaper archive in library

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