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by admin on January 18, 2010

Newspaper articles are read by millions of people each and every day. There are newspapers in every country around the world that report not only the headline news, but also events like marriages, deaths and births.  To locate this sort of information in old newspaper articles, you will need a subscription newspaper database.

The largest old newspaper database available in the U.S. is the one we discuss on this website at www.Old-Newspaper-Articles.com.  The Newspaper Archive database is one of the largest in the world and you will be able to locate information all through the whole span of history of this country.

The collection of digitized newspaper pages goes all the way back into the colonial time of the 1750’s.  This means that you will be able to locate important newsworthy items of the day for the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, U.S. Civil War and all the way up to modern times.

It cost several millions of dollars to create this online database of scanned page images and then to convert these to machine readable text so that you may locate anything you are looking for with keyword searches.

The annual subscription newspaper database rate is extremely low as compared to the value received.  No where else on earth will you be able to locate more information in one place than sitting right at your computer and doing a search.

The newspapers also record history as it happens. At times the events written about make it to the history books. But also recorded in the articles is how life was at the time. What was eaten and how different events impacted the lives of the people in the distribution area of the paper.

One can also observe how the same event would affect different places by reading local newspapers from different parts of a country or different countries.   You will have a better feel for the historical event you are researching when you are able to observe the advertisements of the day and the adjacent news articles published in the same old newspaper article.

Just think, you will be seeing these articles for the first time, just as your ancestors did in their day and age.  The daily events of the world will unfold right before your eyes by using old newspapers in your research.

How would you like to find the announcement of the name of the ship that your ancestors came to America in, on the day it arrived in port?  Even as different modes of transportation were used over time changed what was written in the papers. Back in the 1700’s thru the 1800’s as ships were being built, descriptions were published. The tonnage, beam measurements along with the armament were all written about and for historians there now is an accurate record of such things.

The further back a person goes when reading newspaper articles the more there is to learn. Understanding our past can better equip us to shape a better future for all. Newspaper articles record more than just events and news, they record history and a way of life.

For your very own subscription to the old newspaper database, please click this link: Newspaper Database,  or any of the banners on this website.

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George Haskins 01.20.10 at 3:52 pm

I’d like to consider subscribing, but I can’t figure out how or what the price might be. Could you help? I did sign up for the email thing. Thanks, George

admin 01.20.10 at 4:48 pm

Hi George, Click on any of the banner ads or the page links which will take you direct to the archives site. If you do not see a subscription form easily just do a search and then they will pop up your subscription options. It is cheaper by the annual subscription rate. Thanks. Admin

Top Best Buys GPS 02.20.10 at 9:17 am

I think it is a better idea to subscribe for these newspaper archives. I have subscribed this old newspaper database and trust me this is the best way to explore the old newspaper articles. Earlier, i have to rush to local libraries and every time i almost lost there while searching, Hard Task. Now the desired article is just a click away.

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