Using Old Newspaper Articles has Benefits

by admin on April 11, 2009

Old newspaper articles are a wealth if information for the world to use. There are literally over a billion articles now available on the internet. This vast knowledge is not only useful for historians and students but the common man as well. Every topic is available at the touch of a button.

One site I particularly love is Newspaper Archives. This site has old articles dating back 247 years. Just think of it, you can read what the founding fathers of our nation read. The thoughts and minds of the journalist are all down as a record of the times in which they lived. I personally have seen how the history books that are used in schools change with the times. One book I found was Black’s History Book. This book was written back in the early 1940’s and ended during WWII. The attitude and its perspective was so different from the way the history book for which I was issued for my class was written, I have never forgotten it.

They say history is really his story or others say history is written by the victor. I believe both of these are true but old newspaper articles are not revised for the times. They tell the story of how it was, as seen through the eyes of those that wrote them at the time events happened. This is true history written and preserved for all times.

So for a true account of history as it really was without any meddling from the forces or by the administration in power at the present time, read old newspaper articles and get the accurate and precise truth of what really happened, as it happened forever unchanging.

Sign up for a subscription to Newspaper Archive and get the full use of all of the fabulous features of these old papers.

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