Original Newspaper Accounts of the Battle of Bull Run

by admin on January 1, 2009

Historical newspapers are extremely valuable in researching the U.S. Civil War. Vivid descriptions of the Battle of Bull Run are to be found in old newspaper articles.

North Fought South:
That terrible time when the North and South fought ferociously and gallantly to defend their rights, pitted relatives against each other merely from their physical residences at the time of the war. The civil War culminated eventually in forging an eternal bond between former enemies and it comes to life right before your eyes with contemporary newspaper stories of the battles.

Civil War Contemporary News:
Newspaper Archive brings you these original printed snapshots of history that were written during the actual period you are researching. You will of course be able to find many published accounts that describe the Battle of Bull Run that were compiled and published at a later time.

Eyewitness Accounts:
However, these original newspaper accounts were right there and then and written by eye witnesses and with first hand accounts. I just did a quick search of the online database and found over 5,800 original newspaper accounts of the Battle of Bull Run that were published just during the war years of 1861 to 1865.

If you search the term without the date limits you will find tens of thousands of mention of this battle, and of course of every other battle of the U.S. Civil War. You will read field accounts of the descriptions of the battles, the names of the units and divisions of the military, the names of officers and some of the enlisted men, casualties such as those wounded or killed, names of men taken prisoner, and remember all of these details are contemporary news.

There is no doubt that using historical newspapers will give your research project a whole new meaning of importance when you cite details from these actual snippets of history.

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