Take a Look at Presidential Inaugurations in Historical News Papers

by admin on January 15, 2009

The upcoming Inauguration of President Barack Obama is a landmark event of great importance in the history of this country. I just looked at some modern news about the preparations for this event and the security plan that is in place is no doubt the greatest ever.

The current President Bush has already proclaimed that date of January 20th to be a State of Emergency in Washington, DC, which then qualifies the city’s costs to be covered by the Federal government, and the whole security program is directed by the Secret Service.

It calls to mind other inaugurations that we can read about in historical news papers and get the feel for the times and read about the actual events the same way your parents and ancestors did in their day. You will gain a different perspective on history and it will help you to understand the world events that were going on at the time of each inauguration.

From historical news April 16, 1789 when President George Washington was sworn in at New York City and through Abraham Lincoln having to be under disguise as he was hustled from train to train, the events of an inauguration are monumental.

I for one am very excited about this one coming up and really love the fact that I can always read about such events from the past just by using my computer and reading the original old papers.

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