Really Old Newspaper Articles

by admin on June 5, 2010

With really old newspaper articles, the older generations can re-live their past and bring back memories of their youth. For the younger generations, the old newspaper articles are a glimpse into the past and a piece of history.

Unlike today’s headlines, back nearly a century ago newspaper reporters made simple gossip into headline news to fill the papers. But there was also real news. A good example is from March 23, 1933 of the Wellsboro Gazette. The headlines were “Miss Ella Buck Dies at Marsh Creek Home.” In the very next column on the front page is the wedding announcement of Ivan Bernkopf to Mrs. Nina Kincaid Smith. This announcement went on to list all that attended the wedding.

There was real news on the front page that included an article on “Teachers Salary Action Held Up.” This is right next to the article where D.W. Ford describes his earthquake experience. This was considered national news since Mr. Ford had written the letter about his experience while he was in Los Angeles, California. The quake occurred on March 10 1933.

Unlike today when an earthquake occurs in any region of the world, it is reported within seconds as “Breaking News” on most of the cable news stations. 80 years ago, it took 13 days for the news of an earthquake to reach from one coast of the US to the other.

The funniest headline is “May Sell Beer After April 6.” This describes how President Roosevelt signed a bill into law that permitted the sale of 3.2% beer and wine to be done legally after midnight of April 6th 1933. This started a legal battle in the Supreme Court by Dry Law Supporters.

This is just one day in history that can be re-lived when you read really old newspaper articles from the past. Select one of the Banners at the right to discover the millions of newspaper pages available to you with a subscription.

This world’s largest collection of digitized newspapers goes back into the 1750′s, not that’s old!

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tot 04.16.12 at 8:28 am

I need to find a headline from Il Mattino (Napoli, Italy)

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