How to Search Obituaries in Old Newspapers

by admin on January 1, 2009

When you are performing any type of historical research for an article or for your own family history you will come to a point that you will need to know how to search obituaries.

If you have been doing genealogy research for a while you are probably familiar with going to your local library and using the old newspapers on microfilm. Well things are a lot easier now with the enormous growth of the use of computers and the Internet.

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There are extremely valuable clues in obits that will lead you to instant advances in your historical research or family history because you generally discover the name commonly used at the time of death, the age of the person, the place of death, and names and locations of many of the surviving kin.

Some other good clues for further research will be discovered after you have learned how to search obituaries. Some times you will discover the religious affiliation of the person, their occupation, their previous places of residence, the name of the funeral home and the place of burial. If the person was in the military or belonged to any particular fraternal society it is often found in the old newspaper articles.

Each one of the clues found in these death notices will lead you to further studies to help you learn more about the history and biography of the person you are interested in. From historical newspapers you can then take your research on to new levels and use civil, military and ecclesiastical records. You will find no larger collection anywhere that is as beneficial to obituary research, than at Newspaper Archive.

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Tonia Tillotson 02.16.12 at 7:42 pm

I lost my oldest son back on 01/06/2009 and i was wanting to find his death notice on line from the paper for i can save it on my favorites on my e-mail account for i can pull it up when im on the computer. How can i do this with out having to subsribe to stuff?

lisa 03.19.12 at 7:19 pm

i would like to see my grandma and grandpa’s obituary’s my grandma betty leach died aug 1, 1986. my grandpa died feb 8.1973 they both lived in hilliard ohio. thanks lisakissell

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