Solving the Mystery of Life Circa 1953 with Old Newspaper Articles

by admin on July 20, 2011


Double Helix Model by Watson and Crick


People that are interested in genealogy and family history research have all become familiar with the fact that now certain scientific evidence for ancestors and certain other relatives may be proven through the use of Genealogy DNA testing.  By studying the Y-chomosome of males and the mtDNA chromosomes in both males and females certain evidence becomes incontrovertible.

We as publishers of this blog at are also genealogists, so it seems only right that we use the resources of our primary sponsor to go and look up information on the early reporting of DNA studies in the archived newspaper database that we promote with pride.

Watson and Crick:

James Watson and Francis Crick are credited as being the co-discoverers of the doubler helix in the 1950′s and so by going to our account and doing a keyword search for Watson, Crick, DNA and helix, we find a great many newspaper articles with those search terms.  Then wanting to read some of the earlier newspaper reports about DNA in old newspaper articles we limited the search returns to between the years of 1950 and 1968, and did find several relevant articles to read.

One of the earliest articles that we found was published in the December 7th, 1953, El Paso Herald-Post on the front page, titled: “Proposed Chemical Formula Major Step in Solving the Mystery of Life.”

The article goes on to say, in part, “One of the fundamental problems of living matter is the way life is handed on – that is, how the molecules that carry on heredity are duplicated within the cells.”  “This sort of chemical is the essence of life.”

It goes on to tell how James Watson and Francis Crick collaborated in London and Cambridge University to discover the double helix and to start cracking genetic codes that show how we carry certain gene sets from both parents in each and every human and living thing that grows through cell expansion and splitting.

One of the Worlds Most Important Substances:

Continuing, “Many lines of evidence indicate that DNA is the carrier of a part, if not all, of the genetic specificity of the chromosomes.  Thus it is the chemical of the genes, the actual transmitting agent of all characteristics of the parents to their off-spring.  It is one of the world’s most important substances.”

We would encourage the genealogy bug in you to send for a DNA testing kit and get in on the fun and excitement of locating direct and distant relatives through a combination of good old fashioned genealogy research and link it all together through DNA science.

While you are at it go ahead and click on one of the banner ads here to go and check out the archived newspapers that are available to you online and take advantage of their Free Trial to see if it something that you want to use in your research.

You meet the nicest people through DNA studies.

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